Monday, October 1, 2018

Raise Your Voice: a book review

Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up

by Kathy Khang

Published July 31, 2018

IVP Books

I heard about this book on Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love podcast (I think I say that a lot) and loved hearing Kathy Khang speak about it so much that I requested it on NetGalley.

In Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up, Khang explores the reasons we stay silent, which can include fear, not wanting to cause conflict, that the offense doesn’t apply to us specifically, or because of the “Let go and let God” mentality.

It’s about finding your voice and the courage to speak up in any scenario, but also specifically addresses racism as well as Christianity. She begins with her own difficulty of having a voice as a woman and particularly as a woman of color (she is Korean American and came to the U.S. as a child).

She includes a chapter about addressing live audiences and another about addressing digital audiences.

This book is about all the ways we keep ourselves from speaking up and all the ways we can speak up.

I appreciated Khang’s thorough look at this topic and her vulnerability in sharing her own struggles in raising her voice. This is a good book for anyone who wants to get better about speaking up.

Disclaimer: I received an advance-read copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I used Amazon affiliate links in this post. Should you choose to buy something through those links, you will not pay any extra, but they will send me a small fee, which I will likely add to my book fund. Thank you. Please see my Book Review Disclaimer for more information.

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