Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Healing Our Broken Humanity: a book review

Healing Our Broken Humanity: Practices for Revitalizing the Church and Renewing the World

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill

Release: August 28, 2018

InterVarsity Press

Healing Our Broken Humanity aims to focus Christianity on social justice issues.

The authors argue that the church needs to heal and become whole, because the world is watching. “We need a new narrative and a new way of telling our stories of God in our lives,” they write. Rather than expecting others to adapt to the church, the authors posit the church should adapt with fresh practices and that race relations may be a good place to start.

They say that Christians first passion must be for Jesus, then they can respond with passion to other issues like politics, race, gender, and others. They also argue that pastors should address racism and sexim as sins, because they are abuses of power.

The ideas presented in this book are very good and relevant for our present society. The authors are very good about providing specific examples from the real world, as well as citing scripture to support their writing. I truly believe social justice concepts are vital for modern Christianity, so I recommend it for religious readers.

Although this book claims to be for clergy and laypersons alike, the academic tone will probably lend itself better to the former. This would be a great book for small groups or ministries working on discernment and vision for their churches. Discussions and activities are suggested throughout.

Disclaimer: I received an advance-read copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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