Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bookish Link Love for 7.28.2018

Books bring understanding to life and, in turn, life makes books more interesting. Here are some of the stories from around the web that caught my attention recently.

One barber set up a mini-library so kids can spark a love for reading while getting a haircut -- “Books about slavery and civil rights have their place, Irby believes, but little black boys and girls deserve books that allow them to be children.”

Science shows reading books is good for you! -- Thank goodness! I should be super healthy now.

Page Chaser made a grumpy old man read a romance and share his thoughts -- and it is delightful.

A real look at depression and anxiety by author Fredrik Backman -- One of my favorite authors opens up about his day-to-day mental health.

Kids got to drop off their stuffed animals for a sleepover in a library -- They (the stuffed animals) watched movies, ate takeout, and slept next to the bookshelves. The library chronicled their event through photos.

An interview with Frances Mayes about her new book and writing about Italy -- I was already excited to read Women in Sunlight, but after this interview, I’m even more intrigued.

Chained libraries used to be a thing -- It kept the books from being stolen.

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